We have prepared Life as a short course for anyone and everyone who knows Jesus, and wants to tell others the good news about Him. The course is a mixture of:

  • Training in a larger group than is possible with the POD courses.
  • Encouraging each other in breakout groups of twos and threes.
  • Helping each other in small groups (e.g. church house groups) to apply the training.
  • At the end of each session there is a task which we encourage trainees to engage with so as to reinforce the training in practice.

Share Life is for anyone and everyone who knows Jesus, and especially for:

  • Those who feel slightly awkward about the idea of speaking about Jesus to people who do not know Him.
  • Those who do not see themselves as evangelists, but who want to learn more about speaking about Jesus to others.
  • Those who enjoy speaking about Jesus to those who do not know Him – and are open to learn to do so more effectively.

Trainees are equipped through four sessions to tell others about Jesus in practical ways that are realistic for all kinds of people.

  1. Connecting with their story
  2. Knowing my story
  3. Sharing God’s story
  4. Choosing a life full of stories

There is a trainee’s booklet and prayer bookmark.

For the trainer, we offer seven five-minute videos which can be used with the booklet. Alternatively, we also have a powerpoint which also includes video content. Share Life is suitable for use in person and/or online, and the powerpoint includes notes to guide you through each session. An optional questionnaire is available.

See POD Resources for ordering the booklet and the optional powerpoint.