Small Group Leading

Path Of Disciples for Small Group Leading is one of the POD courses. It is a practical way to learn to lead a small group (church home group) and train others to do the same. To see what a POD meeting can be like, please see our brief video that introduces POD.

Who is this POD for?

POD for Small Group Leading is for people who demonstrate a desire to learn more about leading a small group. These include:

  • Those who want to learn to lead a small group (church home group).
  • Existing leaders who want to lead their small group more effectively.
  • Leaders who want to train others to lead a small group.

What is this POD about?

This is a contribution to the continuous multiplying of Christian leaders. In four sessions, a small group leader’s responsibilities are seen through the lens of the main Biblical pictures of the church. We discuss practical ideas about the “nitty-gritty” of leading a small group and reflect on some guided tasks.

Trainees learn in a clear and practical way about serving God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, in the context of the church.

  1. Shepherds of the Father’s sheep.
  2. Serving together as family in the body of Christ.
  3. Priests together in the temple of the Holy Spirit.
  4. Leaders wth a vision of Christ and his Bride.

Each session has three aspects:

  1. Time for building relationships – character development.
  2. Understanding God’s purposes for his people - knowledge development.
  3. Discussion of practical tasks – gifts and skills development.

There is both a trainee’s version and a trainer’s version. See POD Resources.