POD Downloads

This is where you can download the participant’s courses as well as a part of the Leader’s guides, free of charge. POD is not for profit and we want to see more and more people coming to understand and live the Christian life.

We hope the downloads help you and others explore the content of the POD courses. Printed booklets are particularly useful for people to prepare written comments, but you are welcome to use the pdfs. POD is a tool for learning from others about Jesus and growing in the Christian life. Consequently, these courses are not intended for isolated individual study – they are designed for learning in groups of threes and fours, whether in person or online. To see what a POD meeting can be like, please see our brief video that introduces POD.

For time-efficient training and to request POD booklets as well as the complete Leader’s guides, which include helpful comments on each session, please see POD Resources and Training.

Click on the link below each image to download a pdf of the course(s) you want.

If you would like to make any POD booklet more personal e.g., by including the details/logo of your local church/organisation, please get in touch. We have done that for others and would be happy to discuss. Equally, we are happy to discuss translations of POD materials. We have discipling materials available in Spanish. For details, please contact Guy Pembroke at POD@pathofdisciples.org